Summertime squid

Cut squid into slices and fry them on ghee butter and garlic. Promptly draw off the juice from the squid in a special dish to roast dry. Add salt, ground pepper, basil and, at the end, mustard. When the squid turns golden brown, add the juice from the squid, tomato juice, and sweet wine than continue cooking on height temperature and allow the juice to evaporate. Finally, add the crumbled young goat cheese and parsley.
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Servings:  4
Prep Time:  20 min
Total Time:  60 min

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1 kg squid 2 whole garlic Ghee butter ground pepper salt basil parsley 2 tbsp. mustard ½ cup tomato juice ½ cup sweet white wine 2 tablespoons of quinoa flour, kamut flour or spelled flour 2 tablespoons goat young cheese

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