White chocolate and blueberries Cake

Bake the ingredients for the biscuit at a temperature of 170 degrees C in smaller round baking pan. When a biscuit is baked, cut it into half, and place the first half of the biscuit on bigger baking pan. Boil the ingredients for the dressing and pour over still warm biscuit. Whip 2-3 pockets of cream with gelatin (follow the manufacturer’s instructions) and add vanilla prouder and sugar to the taste. Pour about third of cream over a first half of the biscuit. Add a cranberry marmalade at the top, and pour with the cream once again (just a bit). Cover with the other half of the biscuit and pour the remaining of cream - so that the cream pours the space between the pan and biscuit. For a few moments place desert in the fridge to harden the cream. Make the white chocolate topping - melt coconut butter and white chocolate at low temperature - add few spoons of blueberry marmalade and stir constantly. Then pour over the white chocolate-cranberry topping. Cool off well.
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Servings:  4-8
Prep Time:  20 min
Total Time:  35 min

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Biscuit: 6 eggs 3 tablespoons sugar molasses 6 tablespoons spelt flour 4 tablespoons ground almonds 1 packet of baking powder Dressing: 3 dl water 1 tbsp. malaises sugar Vanilla cream: 2 packet of cream for whipping 1 packet of gelatin 2 tbsp. vanilla powder 1 cup blueberry marmalade Topping: 500 g white chocolate (for cooking) 2 tbsp. blueberry marmalade

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