Handmade Healthy Vegetarian Pizza.

Let's start with the dough.I think that is the quickest and best dough you've ever made! Grab a large mixing bowl!Remember,no mixer requirerd,we need to get rid of oxygene and air,not to imprison it inside our dough. So,first,weigh the flour and place it in the bowl. Then,weigh and add the thin semolina.TIP:if semolina is thick,you will get a more crispy dough which will be unable to be kept in fridge even for a day! Now it's time to add the yeast.Remember,this is a law to every dough,wets with wets and solids with solids!!! Liquids time :) Pour the olive oil and the soda and start mixing with hands until you get the materials trimmed! Add all the water and mix well until you get a great dough,non-sticky on hands.If needed add some flour  and mix until it can be released from hands. Ladies,if you have some French manicure,i suggest you to use one ussage gloves :) When done with mixing,place the dough in a wooden surface and cover with a wet towel and start processing materials. First,clean,wash and cut in thin slices the finocchio.If slices are thick,it will cause the finocchio to stay raw. Wash and cut the edges of the zucchini,cut it in thin rolls just to be fancy and quick in being baked. The fresh onions require some attention.Be sure to clean them well and toss away the first skin.Cut them in medium sized pieces! Tomato cutting requires a small serrated knive.Wash tomato,remove the "heart" and cut in thin slices. Finally,peppers and red onion.Wash and clean everything,remove the pepper cores and caps,peel the onion. Cut in rolls the peppers and in fine slices the onion. You are done with veggies,but,preheat your oven at 200 celsium degrees. Have in mind that the more aromatic is the sauce the more great is the possibillity of your success! In a small plastic bowl add the sugar,basil or mint,pepper and oregano.Place the tomato sauce and whisk well! Time to fulfill the house with smells. Grab a medium size baking pan.With a paintbrush,spread some butter all over the pan. In a plate,place some flour and seal the dough with it. Now place the dough ball in the center of the pan and start opening with fingers to give it the pan's size. When done,with a fork bite all the dough's surface. Add as much tomato sauce you like.Some like it juicy,some completely dry! Now,split the grated cheese in the middle.Put the one half as a base. Then add all the ingredients in every sequence you wish,be sure tomato will be on top.Add the feta cheese grated with hands and the remaining no fat grated cheese. Bake in the oven at 200 celsium degrees for 20-30 minutes while you are always observing if it is getting red on the top. 10x the recipe and you can prepare food for a kid's birthday party,are you a pizza lover?Then make a stock and you can have your lovely pizza anytime you like! I wish you great luck and have a nice meal,or dinner,or snack!
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Servings:  8 slices(atomic)
Prep Time:  18 minutes
Total Time:  50 minutes

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For the pizza dough: 200gr white flour( 0/0 type) 12 ml of beer or refreshment(Sprite or Soda) 115 ml medium heated water 1 tbsp dry yeast 10 ml extra virgin olive oil 42.5 gr thin semolina 1 tsp sugar Vegetables: 1/2 of a finocchio 1 large zucchini 2 fresh onions 1 large tomato 1 red onion 1 orange fresh pepper 1 yellow fresh pepper For the tomato sauce: 1tbsp sugar 1tbsp ground pepper 1 tbsp dry oregano 1 tbsp dry basil or mint 300 gr tomato sauce(1 pkg) For Baking,other materials: Some butter(about 1 tbsp) 300 gr No FAT grated cheese 60 gr feta cheese

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