A tasty way to say welcome! (Amuse Bouche)

What is really a great way to say:Hello,welcome to my place and my table? Answer is a great(but simple) amuse bouche) Purpose of these dishes is just to impress friend or customer and sometimes it is used by chef's to demonstrate talents!Important is to make them tiny,so the possible person expecting the best of your cooking. •Marinate the zucchini slices in the wine. •Garnish the dishes with tomato slices •Let's start with making the puree.First,in a small frying pan,over high heat,saute the onion until it gets white and soft. •In a bowl,blend the peas,onion,spice with salt and pepper. •Add the olive oil and vinegar slowly and blend,until you get a great rafinated mix. •Whether it is hot or cold,you choose. •Cut plums and apricots in small cubes and garnish the dishes. •Finally,add puree and zucchini slices,season with salt and pepper tomato and zucchini and serve along with a great glass of wine to open a great path in your guest's stomach! Enjoy!
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Servings:  5
Prep Time:  10 minutes
Total Time:  25 minutes

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•200 gr black eyed peas,boiled •1 red onion,minced •1 tomato,in thin slices •1 zucchini,in very very thin slices •salt,pepper to taste •60 ml olive oil(for the puree) •20 ml red vinegar(for the puree) •100 ml white wine(to marinate zucchini) •some 4-5 dry plums and apricots •10 ml olive oil(to saute the onion)

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