Traditional Samali sweet (Siropiasto)

•In the pan you use for baking, mix all the ingredients together to make a beautiful mass and bake at 180 celsium degrees for 1 hour and 15 minutes. •We engrave diagonal while still hot, dipping the knife in syrup to not spoil his form. •For syruping,heat in a saucepan the sugar and water for 5-6 minutes. •Once cooked the samali,pour the syrup while it is still hot. •Come on,not so difficult right?Believe me,the result will justify everyone who will taste it.
Traditional Samali sweet
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Servings:  10
Prep Time:  1h 30 minutes
Total Time:  1h 30 minutes

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•1 1/2 cups. coarse semolina •1 1/2 cups. semolina •1 1/2 cups. sugar •2 packs of yogurt (or 500ml)from cow •2 tsp baking powder •1 tsp crushed sharp mastic For the syrup: •1 1/2 cups. water •2 1/2 cups. sugar

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