Baklavas with walnuts and almonds in a honey syrup.

Baklavas is a famous syrupy sweet.Filo make it crispy and syrup gives it a honey taste. Wether it is Greek or Turkish,it still remains a great sweet that survived through centuries. •In a bowl,mix well all stuffings ingredients.Grease a baking pan in the size of our filo pastry in edges and in the bottom. •Place 5 filo while buttering each one with not too much butter. •With a spoon,scatter some of the mix and start adding one filo with some mixture. •Leave some 4-5 filo to put them in the end.With a sharp knive,cut the sweet in baklava shape,or in squares, without reaching the bottom of the sweet. •Pour some melted butter all over and bake the sweet in a preheated oven(180 celsium degrees) for 50 minutes. •Be sure that will get the golden colour. •Prepare the syrup.In a small pot,add all the ingredients and let boil for 5 minutes when it reaaches boiling point. •When you get the sweet out of the oven,pour the hot syrup slowly slowly all over while leaving the sweet literally "drinks" the syrup. •With that method sweet will become crispy forever. All hard looking things,finally become easy.Good luck!
mpaklavas me karydia
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Servings:  20 baklava squares
Prep Time:  20 minutes
Total Time:  70 minutes

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For the base: •1 kg crust filo(pastry) •500 gr threshed walnuts •500 gr threshed almonds •30 gr cinnamon powder •30 gr cloves powder •600 gr fresh butter,melted For the syrup: •1.2 kg sugar •500 gr honey from spruce •800 ml warm water(or hot) •2 cinnamon woods •2 lemon's peels

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