Spaghetti Carbonara,that a child can make!

As the years are passing by,i admit that once a week i eat that dish.Carbonara(the alternative) is one of my favourite among the thousand dishes i have prepared with pasta in my life. It is so easy and tasty,that requires no knowledge of cooking,not to be a chef or cook! Let's see: •In a pot,place the water and let it boil in high heat. •When water will be in boiling process,remove the stems from mushrooms,cut them in slices. •Peel,wash and finely mince the onion.Cut the ham also in small squares. •In a frying pan,add the olive oil over high heat and let it heat. •Water must be boiling,so add the salt and pasta.Remember to stir often to prevent pasta from stucking to the bottom of the pot or to each other.BOIL FOR 6 MINUTES,not more. •In the pan,add and saute the onion,mushrooms and ham in that order. •When done,season with spices and garlic.Add the milk cream and let it boil for a while. •Be sure after boiling,pasta is in a strainer and then back to pot. •When sauce becomes to get a little brown means you are ready to serve! TIPS:You can add some chopped dill and/or some grated parmesan to enrich the taste.Also,some people mix sauce with pasta before serving,but when cooking at home,i give that small joy to my guest! Enjoy!!!  
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Servings:  2
Prep Time:  4 minutes
Total Time:  20 minutes

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For the pasta: •400 gr spaghetti no6 •1 lt warm water •1 tsp salt For carbonara sauce: •4 champignon(mushrooms) •1 medium red onion •2 ham slices •30 ml olive oil •1 tsp butter •salt,pepper to taste •1 tsp garlic powder •300 ml milk cream

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