Orzo with spinach for the rice haters

In Greece,we call it Kritharoto,it sounds like a risotto with kritharaki(orzo). It is simple,easy and tastes divine. •Wash,clean and dry the spinach,if fresh. •If frozen,be sure that it is defrosted well and drain it to remove water. •In a large risotto(or sauce) pan,add the olive oil over high heat. •When oil is hot,add and saute well the spinach,fresh and red onion. •After that,add the orzo and stir continuously to avoid orzo stucking in the bottom. •Add some lemon juice,it depends on you how sour you will like it(in this quantity,usually 1 lemon). •Slowly slowly,like making a risotto pour all the broth,wait for it to dissolve and then add again. •Be sure always to taste the orzo and how boiled you like it. •Finally,add fennel and check salt and pepper. Have a nice meal or dinner!
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Servings:  2
Prep Time:  10 minutes
Total Time:  25 minutes

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•200 gr orzo(medium) •500 gr fresh or 600 gr frozen spinach •40 ml olive oil •800 gr chicken broth •2 fresh onions,chopped •1 big red onion,minced •4 tbsp finely choped fennel •salt and pepper to taste •some lemon juice

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