Veal cooked in tomato sauce with potato puree

Veal Process:
•Cut the veal in small cubes(like a walnut).
•Chop finely the onions and place the olive oil in a pot.
•Saute the onion,add the meat and saute too.
•Add the spice,salt,pepper and the containing of the can along with some water(about 1 1/2 glass) and let it over medium heat to boil.
•Cook until meat is soft and sauce tighten a bit! For the puree:
Well,who doesn't love easy things?Nowadays,with our busy schedules,time matters. So,
•Wash potatoes without peeling them.
•Place in a dish in the microwave oven,in the highest setting as long as the veal is being cooking.
•After potatoes are being pierced by a knive to be sure they are done,peel them off and place in a bowl.
•In the microwave again,heat the milk well. Mash potatoes with the proper tool while adding one glass of milk and cheese.
•Continue mixing and adding as much milk as you like.
•Season with salt and pepper and you have a great meal in less than an hour. Good luck!!!
Veal with tomato
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Servings:  4
Prep Time:  15 minutes
Total Time:  45 minutes

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For the veal: •1250 gr veal(shoulder) •3 red onions •1 can of tomatoes chopped in their juice •6 spices •salt and pepper as prefered •200 ml olive oil For the quick puree: •6 medium potatoes •2 glasses of milk •200 gr grated cheese(parmesan prefered) •salt and pepper to taste

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