Feta cheese in Filo pastry with sesame and honey!

Who said that easy recipes are not tasty,or fancy,or mouth watering adventures? You definitely have to try this.

•Wash well the feta cheese to remove the extra salt.
•In kitchen paper,dry the cheese.Be sure that no water is left.
•Open the filo layer,careful not to break it.
•Now,carefully again,wrap the cheese slice with the filo layer.Stick the edges with some water if it remains open.
•Place the olive oil in a frying pan,when it gets hot add the wrapped cheese and fry until it gets golden.
•When done,emove,drain in kitchen paper,serve in a dish by garnishing with honey and sesame seeds.
•Paprika is a great idea indeed but still it is up to you! Enjoy...hot!
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Servings:  1
Prep Time:  2 minutes
Total Time:  10 minutes

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•1 great slice of feta cheese •1 filo pastry layer(for pies,the thick one) •200 ml sunflower oil to fry •2 tbsp honey from spruce tree •1 tbsp sesame seeds •Some smoked paprika(optional)

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