Lavraki Bianco Sea ​​Bass from Corfu Island (Greece)

Peel and wash the potatoes very well.Remove all black spots and soil if it has some trapped inside. Cut potatoes lengthwise and then cross,actually cut in pieces in a size of a walnut. Time for the fish.Wash it very well.Grab a knive and start triming it with a knive to remove all scales. Next move,make a great cut in the belly.Cut the surface,not too deep. With hands,remove and throw away the viscera. Wash again and well. Then,with finger or knive,remove and throw away the gills. In plenty of water wash again the fish to get rid of blood. Now,Deal with the garlic cloves.Peel and cut in thick slices. Add them in the bowl that you placed the potatoes. After this,your job is to...cut the fish. You choose the cut.1,2,or even 3 pieces.This will result to achieve a better cooking time. Let's do some cooking. Pick up a medium frying inox pan. Place a small glass of water and the potatoes with garlic,then add some pepper and salt. Let it boil covered with a lid for 5-6 minutes. The same time,cut a lemon and squeeze it to get it's juice. Check how the boiling process is up to.Add the fishe's pieces and cover with water. Cover again and let it boil for 20 minutes.Be sure that fish is on top of potatoes and has absolutely no contact at all with the pan. Meanwhile,wash and cut the parsley that you have to garnish and enrich taste. When 10 minutes passed,open the lid,check and do a barrel roll to fish. If fish is ready remove it and continue with potatoes.If not,cover and let it boil again. Finally,when fish is removed,add oregano,parsley minced,lemon juice and the olive oil.Also add thecorn flour disolved in a small glass of water. Shake very well when adding each material and wait for the sauce to be...''tied'' Now,decorate a plate,add the fish and garnish with some extra minced parsley. Looks simple right?If you think that with 5-6 ingredients you can't cook tasty, just try it!Corfu locals know very well what they were doing.Some people can even find this recipe too lite for their appetite,but,believe me,it is so tasty that will cover a looot amount of people! Bon appetite and best of luck.
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Servings:  1
Prep Time:  10 minutes
Total Time:  30 minutes

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1 Sea bass about 500 gr 3-4 medium potatoes 2 garlic cloves 120 gr fresh parsley 1 big lemon 1 pinch of dry oregano 1/2 cup olive oil extra virgin salt and pepper to taste

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