The Italian “Spigola” filet

Pan roasted Italian "Spigola" on bell pepper escabeche, sautéed butter spinach, rosemary toasted sliced potatoes drizzled with lemon citronette
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Servings:  1
Prep Time:  20 minutes
Total Time:  45 minutes

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1 each filet of. Italian "Spigola" Bell pepper skin cut in fine julienne Spinach cook in water squeeze it and sautéed with butter 3 sliced of Idaho baker potatoes toasted on a iron skillet with rosemary 1 each lemon fresh squeeze 1/2 of a 4 ounces glass of extra virgin. Olive oil. Salt. Pepper. 2 each garlic cloves boiled until soft. For the citronette prepare the emulsion by blending the soft cooked garlic cloves with the lemon juice add salt and pepper then slowly add the extra virgin olive enough to thicken the citronette to combine with the lemon juice. For the escabeche, peel the bell pepper using your best potato peeler, then cut the skins into fine julienne, rinse it under cold water and keep in the bowl with ice water and sea salt for at least 30 minutes, then strained the julienne bell pepper skins out of the water, dusted. The skin with corn starch and then deep fried in oil at 300 degrease As soon they will be crispy remove from the oil and spray vinegar on them just before you will assemble this dish.

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