Grouper fish with orzo and bottargo.

I know that Fine dining sounds expensive and tricky.Well it is time to unveil the secrets.. •Let's deal first with the orzo.In a small pot,add the olive oil and place it over high heat.•When oil is hot,add the orzo and saute for a while. •Add the nutmeg,season with salt and pepper and blow the mix off with the wine. •When wine is dissolved,add the broth slowly slowly like making a risotti.Be aware because orzo often stucks in the bottom of almost every pan or pot. •At the same time you pour broth in mix,heat up butter in another pan. •When oil is in medium heat,add the fish and saute for 4 minutes each side.If butter is turning into brown,just reduce heat. •Finally,add the Disaronno and let it simmer in juices for a minute. •Serve the fillet in a hill of orzo,garnish with bottargo slices and flowers,or whatever tricks your imagination! What do you think now? Best of luck!
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Servings:  1
Prep Time:  6 minutes
Total Time:  30 minutes

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•1 grouper fish fillet(about 200 gr) •80 gr orzo •6 gr bottargo(without cerium) •60 ml white wine •40 ml butter clarified •30 ml olive oil •1 gr red saffron •salt,pepper to taste •1 gr grated nutmeg •15 gr parmesan cheese •160 ml chicken broth •1 shot of Disaronno

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