Traditional Greek Choriatiki Salad

It is a symbol of Mediterranean cuisine,Greece's special dish.It is made from simple materials and especially can be eaten cold on summer.When veggies are fresh and olive oil plenty.. Nowadays,Choriatiki dish can be found everywhere,every great chef worldwide has submitted this dish in the restaurant he/she is heading in a form of puree,caviar,jelly or foam in champagne's glass. To begin,in plenty of water wash tomatoes,cucumber and peppers. Also,wash feta slice and olives to remove the extra salt. Remove the “heart”(eye in the back) of tomato along with scars or bruises it might have.Cut the edges of the cucumber and fillet the peppers to remove the seeds. Now to cut,cut tomatoes in the middle(in 2 pieces),then cut lengthwise and crosswise in big cubes(walnut's size). The cucumber has to be cutted diagonally in thin slices. Peppers in cubes or in rolls. Place everything in a large mixing bowl and add olive oil,vinegar,oregano,salt and pepper and some olives. Mix once very well with hands Serve in a large salad bowl or in a deep plate while topping with feta slice and olives. If you want add some extra olive oil and oregano in the top to be more fancy. TIPS: • You can cut tomatoes in slices instead of cubes. • With a whisk enchantment hit olive oil with vinegar to make a vinegraite,it will stand better. • Peel the cucumber for a great soft result. • Grate feta cheese with hands or cut in cubes,slices,triangles. • Add some fresh oregano and black balsamico(1tsp)
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Servings:  2
Prep Time:  12 minutes
Total Time:  12 minutes

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3 medium tomatoes 1 large cucumber 2 red onions 3 small green peppers 10-12 black Kalamata olives 100 gr(one slice)Feta cheese 1 tbsp oregano 100 ml extra virgin olive oil 50 ml red wine vinegar salt & pepper to taste.

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