Shiny Beetroot salad with honey and yoghurt.

It is the simple materials,that nature had given us wide,that make the difference.Missunderstood materials with a great variety of helpful minerals and vitamind. •In a pot,place the beetroots,without leaves and washed. It is important no to cut the stem. •Pour some cold water to double cover the beetroots,cover with a lid and put fire on high heat. •Leave the beetroots to boil for 25-35 minutes,pierce them with a knive to be sure that are boiled properly •At the same time place all the other ingredients in a blender or beamer's pot. •When beetroots are boiled,under plenty of running water,peel them with hands and place in the mixer/pot. •Blend very well until you get a great mixture,fluffy and soft. •Before serving be sure that you have it in the deep fridge for 3-5 minutes. Really a nature's gift! Enjoy!  
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Servings:  2
Prep Time:  30 minutes
Total Time:  38 minutes

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•4-5 large beetroots •2 tbsp of no fat yoghurt •a pinch of:salt,pepper,nutmeg •1 tbsp honey •2tsp black balsamico •2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil •Some water to boil beetroots

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