Snowball Christmas Dessert Recipe

It looks fun, elegant, appealing and it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare it, can you believe it? Let's try! Direction: 1. Take the egg whites and beat with an egg beater until the mixture is firm enough 2. To make sure that it is firm enough, do the up side down check, and see it the mixture falls down, if it doesn't, then you got the right consistency 3. Now heat the milk over medium heat 4. Throw in 1 cardamom and 1 cinnamon stick 5. Once the milk comes to its right consistency, add the sugar 6. Take a little spoon and curve out tiny portions of egg whites and pour them onto the milk mixture whilst it's still on the stove 6. Make sure to repeat the process 7. Keep on the heat for nearly 10 minutes and then take off the heat 8. Let it cool, you can refrigerate it 9. Garnish with your favourite decoration
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Servings:  4
Prep Time:  15 minutes
Total Time:  15 minutes

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2 cup of milk; 4 egg whites; 6 tbsp of sugar; 1 cinnamon stick; 1 cardamom clove;

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