Mexican Zucchini Soup

How to make Mexican Zucchini Soup

Step 1: Heat butter in a pan, add onion and sauté over a medium heat till the tender. Combined zucchini green chilies, corns, vegetable broth and black pepper powder, nutmeg powder.
Step 2: Mix well and cook till the zucchini became tender
Step 3: Pour milk in the pan and stir it for few minutes than add cream cheese and salt as needed. Whisk well. Cook for 10 minutes more until the cheese mixed well into the milk
Step 4: Turn off the flame. Garnish with parsley or coriander leaves. Serve warm  
Mexican Zucchini Soup
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Servings:  3 - 4 Persons
Prep Time:  15 Minutes
Total Time:  30 Minutes

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2 cup Zucchini ,Unpeeled and Sliced 1 Small Onion ,Chopped 1 cup Corn Kernels 2 tbsp Green Chilies, Chopped 2 cup Vegetable Broth 1 cup Milk ¼ tsp Black Pepper Powder 2-3 tbsp Cream Cheese Few Parsley or Coriander Leaves ,Chopped 1 Pinch Nutmeg Powder Butter for fry Salt to taste

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