chicken kabob

Now take a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients..mix really well with hand for 15 mins. Now make patties of the mixture.. heat up oil in a pan and shallow fry the patties till cook through. Garnish with onion,cucumber, lemon and serve enjoy
chicken kabob
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1 lb. skinless and boneless chicken thighs (alternatively, you can use a combo of thigh/breast meat)- minced or ground in food processor 1/2 medium white onion- diced 2 large green onions- chopped 3 green chilies chopped handful corriander leaves (cilantro)- chopped 1 tbsp. garlic paste 1 tbsp. ginger paste 1 tsp. corriander seeds – ground, but not into a powder* 1 tsp. cumin seeds- ground, but not into a powder* 1 dried red chile- ground to a powder (optional. This will make the patties very spicy)* salt- to taste pepper-to taste oil- for frying (I think I used about 4 tbsp. total)

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