Schwäbischer Sauerbraten Mit Mafaldine Und Schmelze – Braised Beef In Red Wine & Vinegar Sauce

I had  this beef marinated since last sunday, so today the day has finally come : Sauerbraten :-) I started cooking this at 10.30 an, so by 1 pm I was finally rewarded with this wonderful dish, which was as good as any beef dish can be. When I was a child, you could get this in most restaurants in the area where I grew up (Baden Wurttemberg) and you could also find it in many homes as sunday lunch. It is an easy dish to prepare, but boy o boy have I been served some crap labeled “sauerbraten” in a couple of so called “German Restaurants” around the world. However, today’s sauerbraten was just perfect. Super tender but not falling apart, tart but not sauer and although I usually serve this with Semmelknödel, the Mafaldine with Schmelze were a perfect substitute. Bon Appetit !   Lasst’s Euch Schmecken !
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