Pasta salad with squid and sun-dried tomatoes

Convention dictates that squid for salad should be cooked in liquid or steam. Not so. I am of the opinion that squid when done in liquid lack enough taste and texture to add interest to a salad. In my opinion, coating the squid with a mixture of corn starch and corn meal, then frying them in very hot oil to a scrumptious crisp, will give a far superior result and brings out the best of the little sea critters. Should you decide to use this method, add the squid to the top of the salad for presentation, then mix with the rest of the salad just before eating to ensure the crispness of the squid. When cooking pasta for salad, you should cook the pasta all the way ! Al dente is for hot dishes; It is not a good texture for pasta salads.This is of course my very own opinion, make your own decision according to your own preference.
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