Steamed Bay Scallops, Peppers And Green Peas

While I love large sauteed scallops, my budget sometimes dictates my menu. So when I was thinking of getting some giant diverscallops for lunch today, I almost fainted when I saw the price ($ 46.00) So I went for the next best thing, bay scallops. ( $ 16.00) Now here is the thing: When we think of scallops, we usually think of the beautiful pictures of seard scallops with their golden crust and juicy, opaque center. I don’t suggest you try this with tiny bay scallops, which are much more suited for breading or steaming. I wanted to enjoy the pure taste of the scallops, so I gently steamed them with some vegetables in white wine and butter. Absolutely delicious and easy and quick to prepare. Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! P.S. Instead of eating them with a fork, use a spoon so you don’t miss out on the great sauce :-)
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