Bologna & Cheddar Sandwich

If you’ll have a sandwich, you might as well make a good one ! This one certainly qualifies.
  • mix finely grated parmesan, garlic paste and garlic oil
  • spread generously on two slices of sour dough bread
  • gratinate until golden
  • top both slices of bread with sharp cheddar, then top one slice with sliced cucumbers , season with kosher salt and chili flakes
  • top with sliced mortadella
  • top with sliced tomato, add horseradish to other slice of bread
  • put both breads together, brush both slices with garlic oil
  • saute or griddle bread on both sides until golden
  • cover sandwich , keep cooking SLOWLY until cheese starts to melt. Meanwhile, make a salad with tomato, cucumber and vinaigrette, serve with sandwich
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