Marmalade can also be a very good remedy against anemia. Contains ingredients with a high value of substances for healthy blood. It can also be very tasty as marmalade or dressing for sweets. All the ingredients (except honey) stress in a large pot and cook for about 45 minutes. Than mix the mixture with an immersion blender and add the honey. Pour the jam into pickle jars, close them strongly and place them in the reverse position for a few min.
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Servings:  1-8
Prep Time:  5 min
Total Time:  45 min

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1 liter of Terrano wine it is a Croatian, Italian and Slovenian wine, but you can use any other dark high quality wine from dark-skinned grape variety) 20 dag Cranberry 40 dag blueberries (fresh or frozen) 20 dag prunes 5 tsp chestnut honey

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