White pannacotta cubes

Mix the sugar, cream and milk. Stir a sugar on low heat to melt. Do not boil. Add a vanilla sugar and vanilla sticks. Add gelatin to the hot water and stir. Stir with the cream and strain all together, so there is no lumps. Finely mix almonds and coconut flour. Add a blend of ground almonds and coconut flour to the mixture and pour it into a bowl or baking dish, (dip it in cold water first). Place in the panacotta into the refrigerator to rest until, the mass hardens and then cut it into cubes. Turn the bowl, and if the content does not go out, place it for a few seconds on hot water. Prepare the glaze of white chocolate; at low temperatures melt the butter and white chocolate, add 2 vanilla sticks. Cover the dessert with a glaze of white chocolate and allow to harden. Some glazes can be saved for decoration.
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Servings:  4-6
Prep Time:  20 min
Total Time:  40 min

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1.5 ounces of sugar 5 dl cream 1 dl milk 1 vanilla sugar 4 tsp gelatin 1 dl of hot water 1 cup finely ground almonds 1 cup finely ground coconut flour For the glaze: 3 tbsp. butter 40 g white chocolate

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