Colcannon with Corned Beef & Horseradish Sauce

Colcannon is, in the form presented here, without a doubt one of the most sumptuous and decadent potato dishes you’ll find in any home or restaurant. Far removed from its humble beginnings, this version is loaded with butter, cream, leeks and scallions, seasoned with sea salt and nutmeg and served with corned beef in horseradish cream. This combination far elevates the corned beef above its more common pairing with simple cabbage and onions.

Cooking Procedure:  
    1. Getting started with the colcannon, Firstly dice leek into fine brunoise, thinly sliced scallion.
  • Simmer leek into cream until soft. Peel the potato and slice, simmer potatoes into salted water until soft.
  • Drain potatoes and add slick of butter, cayenne pepper, grated nutmeg
  • Add cream in potatoes with leek, add scallion and blend all in smooth pure
  • Put beef slice in plate and place portion of potato next to sliced beef. Make an indention, place generous knob of butter into indention.
  • ladle horseradish sauce over corn beef.
  serve and enjoy!!  
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Servings:  4
Prep Time:  1 hour
Total Time:  2 hour

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