Stuffed Potatoes

This is cook in Peru with yellow potatoes; however with bag mashed potatoes this recipe tastes fantastic and you get a perfect shape Preparation: Cut the onions in little squares Peel and cut the tomatoes in squares Boil eggs and cut in 8 parts Brown the ground beef and save apart In the same oil brown the onion at very low heat till it turns white Add the square tomatoes and raisins Season with pepper, cumin and salt Mix with the meat and let cooking  for 3 extra minutes before you remove from fire   Fill Potatoes: Open a mashed potato bag every two potatoes. Mix with water until you get a non- sticky dough Take with your hand some dough and pour some stuff in the center Every potato must have raisins, eggs and olives Give the shape of the potato. Beat an egg with salt and brush your potato Fry in hot oil   Serve with onions salad (julienne cut) seasoned with oil, lemon, salt, pepper and cilantro Or you can sprinkle your potatoes with powder sugar  
potato stuffed onions
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Servings:  4-6
Prep Time:  30 minutes
Total Time:  1 HOUR

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3 bags mashed potatoes 125 g each 2 medium onions 2 tomatoes 300 g ground meat 2 eggs 50 g raisins soaked in hot water 6 black olives Pepper, cumin, salt, oil

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