Chicken rolls with cherry tomatoes, capers and prosciutto

Thinly slice a chicken breast. Mix sesame oil with ground capers, chives, garlic and spices and coat a meat with a mixture. In each slice of meat add acherry tomatoes and a slice of prosciutto and wrapped all together in roll. Place the rolls on a baking tray with baking paper and bake in the oven until meat is golden browned. This dish can be baked together with chopped potatoes.
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Servings:  4
Prep Time:  20 min
Total Time:  50 min

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chicken breasts 1 tbsp. chopped capers 1 bunch chopped chives 2 tbsp. mustard 2 tbsp. sesame oil minced garlic salt carry ground pepper cherry tomatoes, half sliced thinly sliced prosciutto.

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