Homemade tarragon bread

In 2 dl lukewarm water, crush the yeast and sugar. Allow to rise - about 30 minutes. Add flour, salt and 3 tablespoon sugar and chopped tarragon. Knead a dough with your hands or with a mixer for the dough and leave in a warm place to rise for its unique height - about 2 hours. Knead a dough, while sprinkle with flour and put it in the pan for the bread to rise again for half its height-about 1 hour. Place the dough in an oven which is pre-heated to 220°C. Over 10 min, reduce the temperature to 180°C and oven for another 40 minutes. Bread is baked when it hollow thump if we knock on it.
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Servings:  For 1 kg of bread
Prep Time:  30 min
Total Time:  4, 30 hour

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Ingredients: 40 g yeast, 2 dl of warm water, 1 kg white flour, 20 g salt, 6 dl water, 3 tbsp. sugar, a big bunch of fresh tarragon.

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