No Baked Strawberry Cold Cheesecake


Use a removable round mold Cover the bottom with plastic Liquefy the cookies and poor on the bottom of the cake mold Melt the margarine and flatten the cookies with a spoon Liquify the milks and add the lemon Add the unflavored gelatin dissolved in boiling water Pour on top and let inside the refrigerator until next day Decoration Reserve the best strawberries for the top of cheese cake Cook the strawberries for 1 minute in the microwave for decoration Cook the rest of the strawberries to obtain the coulis for 3 or 5 more minutes Strain in a small colander and add the juice to the cheesecake
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Servings:  8-10
Prep Time:  1 hour
Total Time:  24 hours

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6 small packages vanilla cookies ¾ margarine small package 1 Philadelphia cheese (small round or half rectangular) 20 g unflavored gelatin (1 envelope) ¾ Cup Boiling water 1 Can condensed milk ¼ Cup lemon juice (4 lemons) 1 Can evaporated milk

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