Apple Pie Recipe

Dough: Pass the flour, powdered sugar and baking powder through the sieve With a fork mix with butter When done add a little bit of milk and form the dough with your hands Add a little bit of flour if you need Save in a plastic bag inside the refrigerator Filling Cut the apples and cook with sugar, cloves and cinnamon sticks at very low heat Add 4 Spoons of water At the end add butter and vanilla Take the dough out the refrigerator and fill the pie in a removable mold (greased) Cook until it browns 175° C  with the oven grill at a high position Fill with the apples and cut the rest of dough to cover the pie Finish cooking the dough cover Follow Us on Facebook to check more wonderful recipes
Apple Pie Recipe
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Servings:  8-10
Prep Time:  1 HOUR
Total Time:  1 HOUR

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Dough: 2 ½ Cups Flour 4 Spoons powdered sugar ¾ spoon baking powder 220 g butter 1 Spoon milk 1 egg (For brushing) Pie filling: 2.5 Kg. Apples 1 Cup Sugar 2 Cinnamon sticks and cloves 1 Tea spoon vanilla 2 Spoons butter

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