Eggs And Potato (Baked Potato And Caviar)

Friends, here is my opinion about “Caviar with all the trimmings” : It sucks ! In my humble opinion, only folks who don’t love caviar water down the pleasure of eating it by adding a mountain of other “stuff” to stretch it (lots of chopped onions, chopped eggs, sour cream, chopped chives, capers, lots of toast or other bread, mountains of blinis, etc.

bake potato at 425 F until very soft
mix with butter, finely sliced scallions, a bit of greek yogurt and a tiny dash of sriracha
mix ingredients, (the potato should be very light and almost neutral in taste), fill back into potato shell to serve
Eggs And Potato (Caviar And Baked Potato)
eat most of the potato before you start with the caviar
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