Donkatsu Recipe

Donkatsu is one of the famous dishes of Japan. It is basically a breaded pork cutlet and served in many variations.

  • Pad pork with paper towel to absorb excess blood.
  • Season the pork with salt, pepper, and other seasonings according to taste. (Paprika)
  • Whip eggs in a small bowl and set a side.
  • Put flour on a plate and set a side.
  • Put Panko bread crumb on a plate and set a side.
  • Preheat the oil on medium to low heat.
  • Start by coating the pork in flour. A thin coat is preferred.
  • Dip the floured pork in the egg and transfer onto the Panko bread crumb plate.
  • Coat the pork with Panko bread crumbs liberally.
  • Set the pork on a separate clean plate.
  • Repeat procedure for all pieces of pork.
  • When oil is correct temperature, place pork in oil CAREFULLY one by one.
  • Cook pork until the blood surfaces to the top of the pork meat, then turn over.
  • Continue cooking pork, checking the underside until the color matches the topside.
  • When color matches the topside, the pork is DONE!!!
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Servings:  3
Prep Time:  20 Minutes
Total Time:  30 Minutes

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