Beef with mung bean noodles in ginger broth

Here  you have one of these dishes were you can have a meal fit for a king with a minimum effort of labor and a very reasonable cost of ingredients. Just plan ahead and either cook the beef the day before you want to eat the soup, or, if you want to have it for dinner after work, start the beef and it’s broth as soon as you get up in the morning. Bring it to a simmer, let it cook for as long as you can before you leave the house, then just let the beef cool in the broth until you get home. Also at that point, soak the shiitake in some of the hot broth during the day. From there it will only take another 10 minutes to finish this sexy beauty (the time to cook the noodles) and voilà ! –  ready for a soup as good (or better) as you can get in your favorite noodle-house.
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