Salmon Orange Rhubarb Salad

To start the salad, slice the top and bottom off the orange, then cut away all the zest and pith. Holding over a bowl, cut the segments free by slicing between the membranes, catching all the juices and segments. Add the rhubarb to the bowl, then allow to stand for 15 mins.Meanwhile, roughly grind the juniper berries and peppercorns using a pestle and mortar. Put the salmon on a baking sheet, rub the flesh with oil, then spread on the crushed juniper mix. Heat the grill to medium and cook the salmon for 6-7 mins, making sure the rub doesn't burn.To finish the salad, add watercress and extra virgin olive oil to the rhubarb and orange, give it a good stir, then serve with the salmon.
salmon orange salad
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Servings:  2
Prep Time:  20-30 min
Total Time:  30 min

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1 tbsp juniper berries,1 tsp black peppercorns,2 lightly smoked salmon fillets 2 tsp olive oil

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