Arroz Chaufa Chicken Dish

1) Cook the rice
2) Cut the chicken in small squares and hot dogs in small rounds
3) Cut scallions thin using white and also part of green side
4) Cut red pepper in little squares
5) In a large pan add some oil and fry the chicken in squares, add hot dogs
6) Next the red pepper and some soya, continue adding the scallions, salt and pepper
7) Do not fry too much, add all the rice and more soya
8) At the end add the boiled egg and mix all together
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Servings:  4-6
Prep Time:  1 HOUR
Total Time:  1 HOUR

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2 Cups of rice ½ Breast of chicken 6 hot dogs 2 boiled eggs 1 red pepper 6 scallions (Chinese onions) Soya

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