Semolina Dumplings Recipe

I have not seen either semolina dumplings nor clear ox tail soup on a restaurant menu for many years. Once, not too long ago, these were standard items in fine dining restaurants, but ist seems that the art of dumpling making and quenelles making is on the verge of dying around here. Of course it takes practice to make them light and fluffy without falling apart and most folks in this part of the world (USA) are not used to eat dumpling or quenelles on a regular basis, so how is a young cook to get a chance to practice and unfortunately, for most cooks to practice the classics for staff meals or at home is simply not interesting or cool enough. That’s how we lose a lot of classic food items – guest’s don’t know them, therefore cooks don’t cook them, and after one or two generations the classic stuff  will have ceased to exist. In Europe, Asia and South America it’s mostly very different. People are much more educated about food and adore and respect the classics alongside the modern stuff, so younger folks are always introduced to the old classic food’s and both old and new coexist and continue to flourish.
Semolina Dumplings Recipe
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Servings:  3
Prep Time:  15 Min
Total Time:  40 Min

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