Pakistani Butter Chicken Recipe

This  dish of course got got its world wide fame from the omnipresent version sold in Indian restaurants all over the planet, and since India existed long before Pakistan, it is safe to say that Butter Chicken was born in India, not Pakistan. However, the version I am featuring here is the version which my sous chef Said taught me while I was working and living in Karachi, Pakistan. If you wonder – Pakistan  was  one of the most beautiful, interesting and fascinating places Maria and I have lived. We only met very nice, gracious, openhearted, kind people who wanted to have nothing to do with the stuff that has turned the world off to this wonderful place. Sadly, as in many other areas around the world, ignorant, devilish minorities spoil the country and make it a hell for hardworking, straight, honest people who want to live their life in peace and harmony. But – this is of course another subject for another time and place to discuss…… Ok now, back to happier, tastier thoughts: The  food in Pakistan’s  larger cities is marvelous, varied and highly seasoned, mostly  Indian in origin but with a great influx of Persian-, Chinese- and Afghan-cuisine among others. While I was living in Karachi, I was lucky to be able to learn a lot of home-style recipes from my cooks and sous chefs, (besides the commercial food we served in the hotel), who took special pride in showing me the great food their families had cooked for generations. The meals Maria and I had in Pakistan were truly among the best we were lucky to enjoy anywhere in the world :-) So many happy memories of gracious people, amazing food and wonderful friendships………. > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > Click here for more info about Pakistani Food > Link to Garam Masala Link to Naan
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