Soy Sauce Braised Chicken Wings

1.Chicken wings each diagonally above three knives , convenient occasionally. Blanch remove to dry 2.Put the chicken wings Fried oil two yellow. 3. The oil poured out, stained with a little oil in the pan, add onion ginger, star anise, sweat small fire, the fragrance. 4. Pour into soy sauce and old smoke one to one, watering along the soup, can dispel the soy sauce flavor. Add rice wine, candy 5. After the fire boil, add chicken wings, broth to flush and wings, not enough to add rice wine. 6. The fire all the way, from time to time, turn the chicken wings. Until the sauce. Put some monosodium glutamate, flavor can be out of the pot.
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Servings:  5
Prep Time:  15
Total Time:  35

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Main ingredient: chicken wings The onion ginger Accessories: star anise rice wine monosodium salt rock candy old light soy sauce

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  1. hardly comprehensible “Chinglish”! Please find a better translation – I love Chinese food and would like to cook this!!

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