Sauteed Red Beet Leaves with stemed swai filet

>Sauteed Red Beet Leaves With Steamed Swai Filet Who would have thought that red beet leaves are so yummy? ! Definitely not me, having never even considered cooking them before. But now that I have been looking into a more balanced, healthier diet, I have discovered a number of ingredients I will use in the future which will both expand my repertoire and at the same time improve my nutritional values. Some of you might wonder why I have added cheese to this dish, since parmesan and fish does not usually end up on the same plate, but here , in my opinion, it just goes perfect with the vegetable, so in this case it won against  traditional restrictions and as far as the Aji Amarillo Sauce is concerned, because of its versatility, the bottled version has become a bit of a go-to condiment for me, convenient and oh-so-good.
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