Tomato Omelette

First of all, prepare there tomatoes and three eggs, pour oil into the pan while stirring the eggs until they are mixed up, when oil heats up and put the egg liquid into the pan. when eggs are finished, put it into the bowl, then add some oil into the pan and put tomatoes into the pan and fry it until tomatoes become jam and put the egg cake into the pan and mix up with tomato juice.for 2 minutes, the dish is finished.
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Servings:  4 to 5
Prep Time:  15 Minutes
Total Time:  15 Minutes

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4 eggs, 150 grams tomatoes Sauce: 5 tablespoons lard, salt, the amount of sugar, starch 2 tablespoons of water.

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  1. This is a tomato scrambled eggs, but also my favorite, is composed by the tomato and egg, egg fry first seven cooked, add the tomato in, you can eat cooked

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