Tasty Needle Mushroom dish

Food material: chopped,green onion, vegetable oil, sesame oil, vinegar, light soy sauce,soy,salt,capsicol,flammulina velutipes and so on.
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1.Chopped green onion cut into the bowl put two spoon vegetable oil in pan.A spoonful of sesame oil up to seven mature made onion oil poured on the chopped green onion. 2.Vinegar, light soy sauce,soy,MSG,chili oil, salt soup,juice.〔vingar and soy sauce ratio is two to one〕 3.Wash enoki and steam in the boiling water,cool water drain first. 4.The onion oil poured on the needle mushroom,materal into the sauce. 5.Raition reduces his tastes a bit if you like, can be modulated,ingredients to add chili peppers and so on.

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