Apple infused Roast Pork Belly

Apple infused Roast Pork Belly 1.2kg pork belly 500ml apple juice veges to serve Place pork belly in a dish and pour in apple juice, cover and leave in fridge all day. Pre heat oven to the highest temp it will go (250 in a fan forced), this has to be hot to achieve good crackle. Cut up pumpkin and potatoes in medium chunks, oil well. Take out pork belly from juice and dry rind well with paper towel. Rub in salt and oil to rind and place in a large baking tray along with potatoes and pumpkin. Cook in the oven on high for 30 minutes or until crackle has been a success, turn down oven to 180 and cook a further 30 minutes. Prepare and cook other veges to serve, your choice.... The flavour is sensational with the apple juice tenderizing the meat and it rules out the need for apple sauce....      
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Servings:  up to 6
Prep Time:  20 minutes
Total Time:  90 minutes

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pork belly, apple juice, potatoes, pumpkin, your choice of other veges. I used broccoli and carrot.

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