Vanilla Pudding Chock Full With Berries

I am a fairly good cook but a lousy patissier, so my sugar-free desserts are a bit lacking in finesse and variety.

Having said that, I DO have a few great options for sugar-free or at least refined-sugar free desserts. The following is one of my favorites because of its creaminess and richness.

  • Bring milk and honey to a boil
  • add vanilla extract
  • whisk egg yolks until airy
  • make a cornstarch slurry
  • add slurry and butter to milk, simmer one minute
  • add some pudding to the egg yolks to temper
  • return egg mixture to pudding, mix well, simmer another minute
  • add fresh blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, fold in carefully
  • pour into bowl or individual cups, cover with plastic film to prevent skin, chill overnight
  • to serve, add pudding to serving plate
  • top with sugar-free whipped heavy cream, sugar-free fruit purre and top with fresh strawberry.
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