Creme brulee

1    The milk 45 grams of sugar and stir until the sugar dissolved. 2 Add egg liquid. 3 Stir over and over again. 4 With filter filter twice 5 Put aside 6  In the small pot add in 80 grams of white granulated sugar and 80 g water, small fire boiling yrup 7 Wait for 5 to 10 minutes, the syrup started a little yellow, immediately turn off the heat 8 Pour into prepared hot pot will be hot syrup 9 The egg liquid in the pan 10 Prepare deep pan, put in the pot, the baking pan with two thirds of the water 11 In the preheated oven, middle fire 150 degrees 35 minutes up and down
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12 Grapefruit orange , yoghourt, cream , vanilla.

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