Curry Ribs

This recipe uses my standard curry base/sauce, of which I always have a few containers in the freezer. You can of course make any type of curry base in which you braise your ribs, but this dish is pretty easy and fast to prepare when you start out with a great, readily prepared base/sauce and take it from there. Just remember, when you simmer the ribs, you must add the same amount of water to the base/sauce as will evaporate during the cooking process, so that you end up with the same textured sauce you had when you started. I suggest you don’t add too much water at first and add more as needed while you go.
  • saute chilies, tomatoes, scallions, onions and garlic paste in butter until onions are opaque
  • add curry sauce/base
  • add water or stock of your choice
  • add single-cut pork ribs
  • cover, simmer until ribs are tender but not falling apart
  • if sauce is too thick, add more liquid, if sauce is too thin, remove ribs and let sauce reduce to preferred texture
  • freshly baked naan
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