Chengdu Sichuan Style Stew Pork

Sichuan style stew pork is China's traditional sichuan an cooking pork dishes, sichuan region is also called boils the pot of meat. Families can be made in sichuan province. The characteristics of sichuan style stew pork is the taste is unique, the color red, fat but not greasy. The so-called pan, is cooking again. Sichuan style stew pork as a traditional sichuan cuisine, is very important in the position in sichuan, sichuan distinction often use sichuan style stew pork as the preferred food. Sichuan style stew pork has long been regarded as sichuan cuisine, sichuan cuisine of incarnation, mention sichuan must think of sichuan style stew pork.
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Servings:  2-3people
Prep Time:  10minutes
Total Time:  30minutes

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【 main ingredient 】 : 250 g pork (thin)   【 material 】 : green peppers 45 grams of 30 grams of leeks 【 ingredients 】 : 20 grams of sweet bean sauce Watercress sauce 10 g sugar 10 grams MSG 30 grams of 5 grams of soy oil the right amount

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