Braised Pork Legs

Braise in soy sauce pig's knuckles with pig's feet as the main ingredients of home cooking, taste delicious, rich nutrition, beauty to raise colour. Strong taste sweetness, fat but not greasy. Help to spleen and stomach health, rich nutrition.  

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Servings:  4
Prep Time:  30 Minutes
Total Time:  3 hrs 30

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1, wash feet is clear dry, set aside. 2, put the oil in the pan, easy for two feet into the cover. 3. Then pour a small amount of honey, small fire slowly heating. 4.Production material (16) 4, after the oil heat, put the feet into the frying pan fry, until the color. 5.Wait for 5 after into the aniseed pot, bring to simmer, after three hours after the thick rotten, then turn off the fire out. 6. The last is to eat. Eat to braise in soy sauce pig's feet, it is best to cool after edible, strong shaking, and not greasy, taste very good.

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