Boiled Red Spinach with Shrimp

  1. Wash all red spinach very nicely and then chop them in an irregular manner. Please don’t forget to discard the roots before washing the spinach..
  2. Mix half of the chopped garlic, onion and green chili with the red spinach, shuffle them nicely.
  3. Put the mixture of red spinach into a pan adding salt of your taste and keep in medium heat for 15 mins to be boiled.
  4. Now the shrimp need be marinated with turmeric powder and salt for 10 mins.
  5. Heat oil in a pan; add rest of the chopped garlic, onion, green chili and the marinated shrimps. Fry them until they colored as brown without burning them.
  6. Finally mix all of the boiled red spinach with the fried shrimp and serve the boiled red spinach with shrimp hot.
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Servings:  6
Prep Time:  30 mins
Total Time:  35 mins

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Red Spinach: 500 gms Garlic: 3-4 Cloves (Chopped) Onion: 1 Large (Perfectly Chopped) Green Chili: 5-6 (Chopped) Shrimps: 100 gms (medium size) Salt: of your taste Turmeric Powder: ½ tea spoon Vegetable Oil: 1 table spoon

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