Paniertes Rinderschnitzel Mit Sautiertem Spinat (Breaded Beef Cutlet With Spinach)

Bife à Milanesa as it is called in Portugal, where Maria and I enjoyed this dish often. Beef and breading – what’s not to love ? I actually prefer to eat them cold the next day when the breading has that special taste and texture. But If you serve them as leftover, make sure to put them on a few layers of absorbent paper, well wrapped to keep the moisture of the fridge away from the breading, to make sure they don’t become soggy overnight.
Procedure: season thinly slicedbeef cutlets with kosher salt, spread with dijon mustard spread scorpion hot sauce spread garlic paste, bread with flour, egg and bread crumbs saute in peanut oil until golden, discard oil, finish in butter
Breaded Beef Cutlet With Spinach)
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