Braised Turkey Leg With Bell Peppers and Great Northern Beans

While  most folks think Turkey is only appropriate as a thanksgiving meal, I enjoy turkey all year-long. Braised turkey legs, turkey giblet adobo, grilled turkey hearts and turkey neck soup are some of my favorite dishes, while the whole turkey serves mostly as a showpiece for family celebration on thanksgiving.
  • season turkey leg with kosher salt, cayenne pepper and granulated garlic, saute in olive oil on both sides until golden
  • add diced onions, sliced chilies and peppers
  • saute veggies until fragrant
  • add fresh chopped thyme ,oregano, garlic paste and diced tomatoes, saute another minute, cover vegetables with chicken stock
  • simmer covered until turkey legs are done, about 20 minutes
  • remove legs, set aside
  • add canned, drained northern beans, simmer another 2 minutes, check / adjust seasoning, return turkey to heat through
  • plate vegetables in deep plate
  • top with turkey leg, sprinkle with chopped italian parsley
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